Important People in Caravaggio's Life

Fermo Merisi

Caravaggio’s father, a household administrator and architect-decorator for the Marchese of Caravaggio. Died in 1577 when Caravaggio was still a boy.

Lucia Aratori

Caravaggio’s mother. Died in 1584 as Caravaggio began his apprenticeship.

Simone Peterzano

A Milanese painter who was a pupil of Titan’s and to whom Caravaggio was apprenticed to for four years.

Giuseppe Cesari

A successful artist that Caravaggio worked for painting flowers and fruit in his workshop.

Prospero Orsi

A painter friend of Caravaggio’s who introduced Caravaggio to important art collectors.

Onorio Longhi

An architect and friend of Caravaggio’s who familiarized the artist with Roman street brawls.

Mario Minniti

A Sicilian artist who modeled for Caravaggio and later helped him with an important commission in Sicily.

Cardinal Francesco Maria Del Monte

One of the leading art enthusiasts in Rome. He bought Caravaggio’s The Cardsharps and became very influential in the young artist’s success.

Ranuccio Tomassoni

The young man who was killed by Caravaggio during a brawl over a tennis match.

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