Cultural References to Caravaggio

In Film

Caravaggio (1986)

Derek Jarman's CARAVAGGIO is a biography of painter Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, the enfant terrible of the Italian Renaissance. Told in a flashback as the dying artist recalls his short life, the story follows Caravaggio (Nigel Terry) through his childhood, his initial artistic failures, his later successes as he attracts the attention of a sympathetic cardinal, and his destructive relationship with a handsome gambler.

Caravaggio: The Search (2011)

A dramatic film about the tortured life of the artist. To be released in late March, 2011.

In Literature

Doubting Thomas: A Novel About Caravaggio

Author Atle Naess has taken historical documents and created a series of first-person narratives that attempt to retell the story of Caravaggio’s life.

Caravaggio: A Novel

Written by Christopher Peachment this biographical-historical novel gives us a glimpse into the loose-living amoral painter.


Author Howard Hibbard evaluates the work of painter Caravaggio.


After much research author Catherine Puglisi has created this comprehensive monograph. All of the painter’s works are discussed and illustrated in color.


Alfred Moir discusses the life and works of Caravaggio.

In Music

Art & Music: Caravaggio – Music of His Time

This CD by Hugh Griffith adds a musical perspective to the world of Caravaggio by composers of his time. Including pieces by Palestrina, Gabrieli, Monteverdi, Cavalieri, and Banchieri.

In Television

Caravaggio (2007)

A television series exploring the turbulent life and adventures of the famous artist.

Caravaggio – “The Power of Art” (2006)

A documentary by Simon Schama for the BBC which explores the dark, extravagant and tormented life of Caravaggio.

In the Community


A contemporary ballet by Mauro Bigonzetti is a tribute to the painter which explores his inner world.

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