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October 2014 

Painting Sold as Caravaggio Copy Could be Original
The Cardsharps painting sold by Sotheby’s in 2006 for £42,000 assuming it to be a copy of the original. However, the new owner has declared it to be an original by Caravaggio and worth millions.

Art Historian Believes She has Identified Original Caravaggio
Mina Gregori believes she has identified the original Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy a claim that will cause a bit of controversy in Caravaggio circles.
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August 2014

Carvaggio Painting Receives Getty Restoration Grant
Carvaggio’s David with the Head of Goliath, as well as a painting by Rubens, has received a grant from the Getty Foundation for $416,000.  The grant was issued as part of their Panel Paintings Initiative to conserve the two paintings.  
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June 2014

Work Begins on Caravaggio Memorial Park
A memorial park is being created in a cemetery near the town of Porto Ercole, where it is believed the artist died.  The memorial will include a tomb where the remains believed to be Caravaggio’s will be placed.

Caravaggio Painting Undergoes Public Cleaning
The Cleveland Museum of Art has opened an unusual new exhibit.  For nearly 14 weeks the 1607 painting, The Crucifixion of Saint Andrew, will undergo a cleaning visible to the public.   

January 2014 

Hunting a Stolen Masterpiece
It is the art crime of the 20th Century. Forty-four years after its theft, what do experts think happened to the Italian painter's masterwork?
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May 2013

Caravaggio to Undergo Restoration
Caravaggio’s Crucifixion of St. Andrew will get some much needed restorations before being shown in 2016.
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February 2013

Sotheby’s being sued over Caravaggio
Sotheby’s sold what they believed to be a copy of Caravaggio’s The Cardsharps, for £42,000 in 2006. Since then, the painting has been identified as possibly being an actual painting by Caravaggio with an estimated price tag of £10m. The claimant in the suit is the man who consigned the work to the auction.
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Supper at Emmaus Being Given to Croatia
As a welcome into the EU gift Italy is giving Croatia one of Caravaggio’s Supper at Emmaus paintings.
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 January 2013

Caravaggio and the Movies
LACMA's six-film "Cinema After Caravaggio" series attempts to explain Carvaggio’s influence on cinema.
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July 2012

New Caravaggio Drawings?
Nearly 100 drawings are claimed to be Renaissance master Carvaggio’s work. If it is found to be true they could be worth up to 700 million euros. However, there is some skepticism that the drawings were actually done by Caravaggio.
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June 2012

Caravaggio’s Resurrection of Lazarus Revealed
Caravaggio’s oil on canvas painting of the Resurrection of Lazarus has been analyzed for damage and restored for the first time in 60 years. The painting, whose home is in Sicily, is on display in Rome.
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April 2012

New Theory Surrounding Caravaggio’s Death
Caravaggio’s death has always been surrounded by mystery but now a new theory has been presented in which Caravaggio was killed on order from the Knights of Malta to avenge the serious wounds of a fellow knight.
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June 2011

New Caravaggio Painting Found
The painting dated to be around 1600 depicts St. Augustine. Though some question if the painting is actually a Caravaggio it can be traced back to Vincenzo Giustiniani one of Caravaggio’s powerful patrons.
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February 2011

Caravaggio’s Wild Side Exposed
Caravaggio was notorious for his bad temper, violent outbursts and constant brawls. Rome’s State Archives contain documents which detail his encounters with the law.
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June 2010

Caravaggio’s Death May No Longer Be a Mystery
Following a number of tests, researchers believe they have found the remains of artist, Caravaggio. Apparently there were high levels of lead found in the bones.
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May 2009

Caravaggio a Photographer
200 years before the camera was invented, artist Caravaggio was using optical instruments to take photos of his models.
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